What if you could tap into the power of a warrior to rewire your mind?

Let me create your personalised POW WOW™ activation so that you can get out of your own way and take action towards unbeatable success

I see you...

You’ve got a badass goal that you’re determined to smash

You want it so deeply you won’t let anything stop you

You’re so fired up you’re ready to make it happen

So what's holding you back?

You’ve tried the journaling and created the affirmations. You’ve told yourself you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing. When you think about the life you’re creating you’re all in and geared up for success. You’re even clear about the steps you need to take.

But even though you’re filled with courage, you need a helping hand and you need it right now. Maybe your life is hectic and you face challenges or obstacles each way your turn. Perhaps your old stories are keeping you stuck and you struggle to stay consistent or lack self-belief. I understand – the journey from pain to power is filled with twists and turns.

You doubt yourself and it feels like you’re chasing rainbows

You get distracted and your restless mind gets filled with chaotic ideas that seem a million miles away from your big goal​

You’re stuck thinking about past failures and disappointments

The big challenges you face feel overwhelming and you don’t know where to start

You juggle so much that when you finally sit down at the end of a busy day you’re drained and exhausted

You’ve got no time and space for the long-winded meditation practices or visualisation exercises you’d like to try

I know exactly what it's like when you get in your own way

I designed POW WOW™ to help you break through

As a business woman, author and single mother who’s reinvented herself more times than you can even count, I know exactly how frustrating it feels when what you desire is completely within your reach but your challenges, your busy lifestyle and your thoughts limit your capacity to take action.

When I was in your shoes I knew I had to align my conscious and subconscious mind with laser sharp precision so that I could gift myself with the courage, self belief and kick-assery to smash through my own BS and reach my goals.

That’s when I designed my Power Of Warrior, POW WOW™ activation.

I worked out that in less than 30 minutes I could re-boot my mind by combining an ACTIVE MEDITATION practice with DYNAMIC MOVEMENT of my choice (walking, training or working out). 

I discovered I could harness my physical power to awaken my inner strength and connect with the most magnificent version of myself in order to get the results I desired.

And this activation is too WOW not to share.


The Power Of Warrior Activation

My personalised active meditation that hard-wires your mind for unbeatable success


We connect for a 15 minute LASER COACHING session to help you get super clear on your goals, identify your biggest challenges and focus on your action steps

Your PERSONALISED POWER OF WARRIOR POW WOW™ ACTIVATION is created and recorded intentionally to help you cut through your own BS, smash your obstacles and motivate you to take immediate action on your goals

A magical combination of SHAMANIC DRUMMING and the 832hz SOUND FREQUENCY awakens your inner power and opens a doorway to the deepest parts of your mind

You can listen to your activation at any time – it’s most effective during physical activity like training, working out or walking because you will tap into the energy your body creates when it’s awake, active and buzzing

This activation is unique, dynamic and literally POW WOW™

"This meditation is so energising. I listen to it before my 4 children come home from school and it means I am full of energy and positivity for what use to be the hardest part of the day. I absolutely love the drumming and music and that coupled with Mirav’s motivating voice and empowering words really does have a positive affect on how I feel. Thank you Mirav."
Joanne Jones
Early Years Development Coach | Busy Mum Of 4
"Wow, Mirav, this activation literally filled me with enthusiasm. The meditation is beautifully recorded and I could tell that you'd put so much work into creating something individual for my needs. The focus is incredible. It's like I'm fuel-injected with self belief! I feel so powerful - and ready to achieve like the Super Woman I know I can be! What an amazing investment this is."
Rhian Kivits
Relationship Therapist | Holistic Healer | Entrepreneur
"After several operations earlier this year I felt low, weak and demotivated. I tried to pick myself up but I struggled to start exercising again. Mirav's meditation transmitted the power and energy to me that I badly needed and I felt transformed. I'm so much more focused and I know I'm going to reach my goals. As a busy Mum and entrepreneur the value of this activation is incredible for me."
Petra Barros
Founder, The Duckies Design Store | Busy Mum Of 2
"Mirav's guided meditation is inspiring, uplifting, and energizing. I absolutely loved the body-mind connection in it and Mirav's voice in combination with drums are a delight to listen to. It's rare to experience a professionally recorded meditation from someone who speaks from true embodiement without 'the fluff'. Mirav is authentic and powerful. This meditation reflects her embodiement of confidence, strength, and passion... and it's contagious! Exactly what I need in my business so it's going to be my go-to practice before having sessions with clients. Truly recommended!"
Marine L Rot
Co-Founder, BeMoreAcademy.com

If you're ready to unf**k your mind I'm ready to show you how


Finally clear + synchronise your conscious + subconscious mind so that you're 100% focused + aligned with your big goal


Joyfully build your power + motivation so that you overcome your excuses + become relentless about your success


Instantly kick your a** into massive action so that you stop wasting time + energy + consistently create the results you desire

take your first step



Smash ONE big goal with your personalised recording

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