Unleash your inner power and conquer your dreams in 90 days


BECOME UNDEFEATABLE™ is a 90 day program to guide and support high flyers like you to break through your blocks, stuckness, darkness, trauma or any hell so that you can unleash your true power and conquer your dreams.

When was the last time you felt like you could conquer anything?

Sometimes, even though everyone around you thinks you’re winning at life, you feel stuck.

You’ve lost your passion for life, your sparkle, your ‘mojo’. You’re left with no energy to create meaningful things.

This happens when you’re going through a traumatic experience or when life feels like a hamster wheel of endless to-do lists.

It becomes a vicious circle of exhaustion and loneliness. I know this so well – because a big chapter of my own life has been a massive collection of challenging events from surviving an endless war in my native country to rising from poverty.

And I’ve made it my mission to not only survive – but to thrive.

In the past 18 years, I’ve empowered and motivated hundreds of people to find their power, passion and purpose by tapping into their authenticity and unleashing their inner strength.

Today I’m living my dreams, as a mother of two, running an international business, and feeling the freedom, fire, and passion in my chest every morning. 

My journey from BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH led me to start serving people in an even bigger way than ever before, leading to the birth of Pepper Coaching where I help clients reclaim their power, passion, and purpose in life. 

Every day there are more layers to shed, there’s more truth to be revealed and new ways to explore your capacity and talents. And the beauty of this is that, regardless of our past and current situation, there’s always space for more love and greater happiness.” 

Are you ready to fully experience life because it's time to make things happen...

By the end of this 90 day program, you’ll have the motivation, ability, tools and skills to conquer your inner demons and any challenges you face, live with passion, and achieve your dreams. Sounds like a big promise? Know that the tools and methodology I have put in place have empowered hundreds of individuals around the globe.

Even though you’ve been admired for your strength, you feel like nobody really knows the true you. They just don’t see how hard it is for you to keep juggling all the balls in your life.

You feel frustrated or angry about problems that have drained your energy.

You’re physically or mentally exhausted and fearful or anxious about the future.

You often feel like your life is spiraling out of control and it isn’t where you want it to be.

You’ve always been the black sheep of the family and feel like you don’t fit in… your Big Vision doesn’t fit in.

That’s because you’re meant to create something that’s yet to be born. Something unique and revolutionary.

This Program is NOT for everybody. It is for women and men who feel stuck on their way to achieve major goals in their life or career.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it shows your real strength. It's time to rise!

The REAL YOU is a courageous, bold, high achiever who’s FIERCE and hungry for more!

 You’re READY to leave the past behind, recharge your batteries and CONQUER YOUR DREAMS.

You know YOU DESERVE MORE, you want more and you’re ready to find support to get where you truly want to be.

You want to REGAIN CONTROL over your feelings because you’re no longer going to tolerate life happening TO you instead of FOR you!

Deep inside, you can feel an INCREDIBLE POWER, passion and purpose waiting to be unleashed!

You’re ready to invest in yourself and to start living THE LIFE YOU DEEPLY DESIRE.

If this speaks to your heart and soul, then read on, because I want to help you achieve your goals.


BECOME UNDEFEATABLE is a unique program led by Internationally acclaimed Self Defense Expert & Coach, Mirav Tarkka, to help you unleash your true power so that you can conquer your dreams.



Understand what brought you to your current life situation
Observe your most pressing challenge, explore its origins and the impact it has on your power
Break the negative patterns that hold you back
Turn your lessons into blessings
Learn new strategies to deal with pain and fear
Alleviate the guilt & shame that’s been plaguing your life


RELEASE YOUR WILD SELF Get your heart pumping and your body moving through physical exercise, breathing and Qi Gong techniques
Learn to identify and release what no longer serves you
Stop fixating on the past and welcome in the new
Establish new boundaries (recognize and eliminate toxic moods, people and places from your life)
Step into and nourish your own power Recognize who you are now and who you are becoming without the burden of emotional baggage
Learn how to ask yourself power questions to gain clarity


Establish a focused daily routine
Decide who you want to become
Create a plan with milestones to achieve your goal
Learn to feel safe, resilient and protected no matter what challenges come your way
Celebrate your Undefeatable Self and moving towards your dream life

I'm here to help you restore your authentic power


VIP 1:1 Program

As you are unique, so is this program. When you choose the 1:1 option, through the course of 90 days, you will learn to let go of experiences that hold you back, reclaim your inner strength, and pursue your big vision.

Connect From Anywhere 

This program is hosted online so you can tune in from anywhere around the globe. Timezones for 1-1 sessions can be catered to match your schedule.

Access Premium Content 

Every start of the week, you will receive access to one module via email in a video and/or a downloadable written format on a specific lesson.

Individual Counseling + Group Synergy 

We will also meet on a video online call each week for 60 min. The first two months connect 1-1. After that, you will benefit from intimate group sessions where you create life-changing transformations.

Support & Accountability 

Accountability is key when you go through a transformation process. You will get support via email and via our Private Facebook Group to keep you on track with your progress and share your transformation with other participants.


“Mirav offers a great balance and combination between psychology, criminology, physiology and NLP. It’s a fantastic, realistic, dynamic, take-no-prisoners training program. Not for the faint- hearted, but more women should definitely empower themselves through this type of training. Very refreshing to be trained by a kick-ass woman."
Yolanda Herbst
Criminologist and Human behavior analyst
“Mirav's courses are about mental strength. You learn to fight on, ignoring distraction and discomfort. It’s what makes the courses ideal for anyone preparing for a major life challenge, whether it be a marathon, a mountain climb or even a change of career."
Jonathan Freeman
Tatler Magazine
“Great technical preparation that unites the mind and spirit: these are Mirav’s skills. During the interview, she impressed us with her charisma, her strength and her vast experience and physical capabilities. Mirav’s knowledge is like no other; no one else comes close to her in Italy. Her methods are simply unique and very up-to-date."
Pamela Villani
Corriere Salentino
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